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The Carl Jung Circle Center is a non-profit organization of individuals from different fields – psychology, medicine, education, business, media, the arts, development work... with the mission of advancing the depth psychology of Carl Jung among Filipinos.


for Exploring The Self workshop

the carl jung circle center

It was during a bus ride when I got an invitation from a friend to join "Exploring the Self." The journey I'm in, ever since I accepted that invitation, has become way colorful than I ever expected. At that time, many years ago, I wanted to put the colors back in my life. This, despite having a very eventful life in the world of mass media and public relations.I learned so much in the presence of people in other fields who wanted to, yes, be in touch with their deeper beings. Today, I am in a bigger organization, still with the people who introduced the seminar workshop. I still "hang out" with them, with the mission of letting more people join this journey that makes one more mindful of the workings of the psyche, making one's self bloom, knowing this:: "It's wonderful to be."


communications educator and professional, writer, life student and mother of seven children.  
the carl jung circle center

Exploring the self workshop was really an eye opener and a really powerful and transforming experience for me. It is a game changer.


the carl jung circle center

ETS has enabled me to access what I might never have known about myself and to seek growth as a continuing process.

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This section contains poems, articles and other writings by our members.
Enjoy, savor, and contemplate on these very personal , soulful literary works.

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